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We deliver what we promise. With reliability, consistency, and discretion.


Our vision is to build lasting long-term relationships with our valuable stakeholders: our clients, employees, and suppliers.


Our devotion to trust and integrity underpins our commitment to providing our clients with unrivalled service.

The South African private security industry is among the largest in the world. It is a fiercely competitive, highly diverse, and incredibly dynamic industry serving the needs of a colossal cross section of society. Millions of South African citizens and businesses rely on private security firms for their safety and security.


Yet there are numerous shortcomings in how individuals and firms attempt to address their various security challenges. The ultimate result of this is that individuals and firms end up purchasing ineffective security theatre, as opposed to committing to implementing real and lasting solutions.


There therefore exists a noticeable gap in the market that we can service by presenting effective security solutions that add real value to our clients.


We founded First Contact Security Solutions to provide a narrow-focused and highly-specialised service to discerning clients with particular needs. In order to render this service, First Contact combines the corporate qualifications and professionalism of the directors with the experience and skills of former military and law enforcement personnel.


This means that we understand the commercial outcomes professional individuals and firms want to achieve, and how various security challenges impact their strategic and operational objectives.


By employing highly skilled and experienced personnel to efficiently implement tailormade solutions that address our clients’ needs, and managing the process with professionalism and discretion, First Contact offers a unique experience in the private security industry. An experience where we put our clients first, ensure that the quality control is integral, and build real solutions that are customised to address the distinctive circumstances and challenges confronting our individual clients.


Building lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and suppliers on a foundation of trust and respect is key to the success of our business. In a dynamic and ever-changing world strong foundations like these are vital not only to the survival of an enterprise, but critical to its growth and long-term success.


At First Contact we do not do things cheaply – we do them properly.


With our commitment to quality over quantity, we believe our results (and our satisfied clients) will speak for themselves.


First Contact provides a variety of effective and tailormade solutions to a broad base of clients facing specific security challenges. We want our clients to be able to focus on their core business while we look after their security needs and requirements. Security need not be a grudge purchase, but can be a central part to a successful business strategy by providing a competitive edge through the establishment of certainty in an uncertain environment. We therefore intend to be a value-add to our clients and their enterprises, as opposed to something that is traditionally seen as simply another unwanted expense. Our key focus areas are close protection (CP), corporate security, and the protection of high-value assets in transit. Additionally we also provide security consulting and the completion of special projects. First Contact synergises corporate professionalism with military experience to deliver long-term security solutions that effectively and efficiently addresses whatever challenges our clients are facing.


We seek to change the way security is approached by individuals and corporations. By taking a practical and reality-based approach that adds knowledge as well as value, we help our clients change the way they think about their security challenges and how to solve them. In the world of security provision knowledge is power. By educating our clients about security, we empower them to make the best possible decisions with the available information. The crux of this process is building a long-term relationship upon a foundation of trust, integrity, and service. The contractors and personnel we employ for specific projects are highly experienced professionals. Incorporating their extensive knowledge, skills, and mindset into our human capital development program ensures that newer generations of security professionals will benefit from the experience of those who came before them. This will result in a new generation of security professional that has the knowledge, skills, mindsets, and ethics to put them a cut above the rest. Our holistic approach to security solutions means we can create certainty in an era of global uncertainty.


Our Directors come from varied backgrounds and have extensive experience in the corporate world. We have worked in finance, the firearm and defensive training industries, the aviation industry, and IT.


There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to security, and effectively addressing the challenges facing our clients is something we are deeply passionate about. Adhering to ethical business conduct and embracing the principles of sound corporate governance is non-negotiable to us.


We are proud of our enterprise and are committed to develop First Contact into the Gold Standard of security.


Our employees and contractors are highly experienced and skilled former military and law enforcement personnel who are hand-picked based on their abilities and professionalism. This gives us a solid foundation of skills and experience to build on and develop more high-quality human capital as the business grows and expands operationally.