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First Contact implements a series of operational protocols pertaining to the protection of assets, close protection, and corporate security. The purpose of these protocols is to provide clear and unambiguous operational standardisation in the form of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will enhance the safety and effectiveness of our security personnel.

The operational protocols also allow us to implement a reliable system of quality control and an outcome-monitoring program.

However, since every individual client seeks to address specific (and sometimes unique) security challenges adversely affecting them in an individual or business capacity, blanket standardisation is neither appropriate nor realistic.

Therefore, as part of our holistic approach to security solutions provision, the protocols and SOPs will be amended as required by every individual contract. This requires that our personnel undergo a thorough orientation program tailored to the requirements of every contract before being operationally employed on duty.

Even though this is an added expense, we believe it is critical to ensure an efficient, safe, ethical, and professional service that effectively meets the client’s needs.


Active Incident Response

An incident is an event that could lead to loss of, or disruption to, an organization’s operations, services or functions. Incident management is a term describing the activities  to prevent a future re-occurrence

Verbal De-escalation Tactics

Verbal Deescalation is what we use. during a potentially dangerous, or. threatening, situation in an attempt to. prevent a person from causing harm. to us, themselves or others.

Street and Office Survival

Situational Awareness as a Lifesaving Tool. Learn how to handle yourself in the most unpredictable situations. We offer training on how you can prevent the inevitable.


Stop the Bleed is a national awareness campaign and call-to-action. Stop the Bleed is intended to cultivate efforts that encourage bystanders to become trained and equipped to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.


We provide a professional and discrete VIP protection service tailored to the client’s needs. Whether it is a short or long-term contract, we will look after your security requirements while you get down to business.


Protecting high-value assets in-transit is a First Contact core business function. We provide a discrete and low-key approach utilising a highly- qualified team of professionals to keep your assets safe and secure. Services are always tailored to client needs.


From guarding, to tactical teams, to investigations: we offer a variety of services to address your firm’s security challenges and assist you in managing security risk effectively and efficiently.


We assist businesses and individuals in assessing and profiling their unique security risks, and finding workable and effective solutions in order to address them. Every situation is different, and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.


We offer surveillance, tracking, investigation, and fraud detection services to firms and individuals.